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Imagine owning the exclusive rights to a slice of the celebration industry—a territory where you’re the go-to connection between festivities and local businesses. That’s the heart of The Birthday CLUB opportunity.

We’re blending celebration with innovation, offering an advertising powerhouse that drives special occasion revenue straight to restaurants and retailers. Our forward-thinking platform merges mobile marketing, direct mail with social media prowess, and tailored automated marketing, creating a festive buzz that fills venues and amplifies brand presence.

But here’s the real game-changer: our upcoming app. This digital platform combines everything from gift curation to event management, making it an indispensable tool for consumers and a viral marketing catalyst for merchants.


Home based business

As a Birthday CLUB Agency, you get 40 years of combined experience, a proven business model, a proven platform and system, marketing support and a team that is here for your success.

We provide you with the know-how, back-office customer service and sales support so there is no guesswork or trial and error. 

ideal candidates 

🎁 Entrpreneurial Spirit

🎁 Desire To Succeed

🎁 Customer Driven 

🎁Passion for Restaurants

OPEN a local Birthday Club Agency 

open your agency

Be your own boss!
 Identify the best potential restaurants and eateries. 

Network with small business decision makers and introduce The Birthday CLUB services as an ideal opportunity to get new customers, increase repeat business, and boost their profits.

Best things about ownership:
1. Be your own boss.
2. No real estate or equipment required.
3. Get paid.
4. Work-Life balance.

Training and full service provider 

training & back office

We provide you with the tools, training, and the support needed for success. Our training helps you get your business up and running in less than a week. 

Our training program is online where we introduce our solutions, discuss selling and presenting to prospective clients.   From there, ongoing sales support is tailored to individual needs for successful long-term growth.

You will be able to present our solutions, overcome common objections, and effectively operate your sales and marketing business.

The Birthday CLUB IS your back-office team we will on-board, configure, and train your customer, and bill for you so you can focus on selling, networking and growing your business. 

market to local restaurants

Network with and generate leads for our turnkey subscription-based services to local eateries and restaurants. We provide you with the handouts, PowerPoint, and online system to enter your referrals.

We are your back office

We got your back! Sign up the restaurants and we do the setup and configure their Birthday Club service, so you can focus on marketing and new opportunities.

Earn Recurring revenue 

Every month your income grows with each new restaurant you sign. That means a steady reliable income stream.  

open your agency

Earn from consumers and local business in your protected territory.

Home based business opportunity

Completely turnkey

Work with local restaurants and businesses providing Birthday CLUB Services and Solutions.  We make it possible to have a turn-key agency that can be up and running in less than 10 days.

* No Experience needed!
* Complete Training
* Sales and Marketing resources
* In-Demand solutions
* Little to NO Competition

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done for you

Focus on making money Our deign and customer support work for you to support your customers.

sales & Marketing

Exclusive resources, professionally designed flyers, postcards, and presentations.

Training & Support

1-on-1 Training, Email and Phone support

Income potential

Earn residual income from your referrals.

Join The Birthday CLUB

Ready to own the party in your town?
Become the exclusive Birthday CLUB licensee in your area. 

Join us, and let’s start celebrating your success!

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